Update 1, 2020/10/12: It’s 10 am in Brussels and Frankfurt, Not a Word from the ECB on the First Day of the Public Consultations


October 12 was supposed to be the first day of the public consultations about the ECB’s plans for a new “digital euro”, yet as of this update the ECB’s Twitter account mentions nothing about today’s public consultations. The ECB’s blog also doesn’t say anything about today’s public consultations.

As a citizen of an EU member state you have to search really hard to even find more information about how you can participate in these so-called public consultations.

The only way that you can participate is by first finding your way to this page on the ECB’s website, where you can find, all the way at the bottom of the page, an ECB email address – DigitalEuro@ecb.europa.eu – that you can send your comments to.

Although the ECB and the EU claim that the people have a say in these matters, these institutions do not really want citizens to actually know about the public consultations. No real efforts are being undertaken to properly inform and involve the public. This is, of course, typical for institutions that do not represent the people of Europe.



On October 12, 2020 the European Central Bank (ECB) Will Start a 3-Month ‘Public Consultation’ About a “Digital Euro”. Here’s Why YOU TOO MUST REJECT a “Digital Euro”.


What the ECB Claims a “Digital Euro” is…

The ECB claims that a new “digital euro” (central bank digital currency or CBDC/central bank digital euro or CBDE) will compliment the physical euro notes and euro coins. The ECB claims that it wants to create a new “digital euro” because more and more people only use bank cards and online payment processors when they make purchases or when they transfer money.


Why the ECB’s Claims About a Supposed Need for a “Digital Euro” Are FALSE…

When the ECB provides loans and bailouts to private banks it does not transfer physical money to the private banks’ vaults. Instead, the ECB creates digital account balances into the accounts that private banks have at the ECB. There is literally ZERO physical cash money involved at any point during these transactions.

This means that a digital euro already exists – and has been existing and is being used for at least 2 decades. In fact, there are more digital euros in circulation worldwide than there are actual physical euros in circulation.

Today, when consumers and companies make payments using bank cards and online payment processors, most of that money that is being transferred is therefore digital money, digital euros, because the actual money supply largely comes from the digital money that the ECB provides to private banks (loans, bailouts,…).

Also, private banks do not hold all the cash money that their clients deposit, in savings accounts for example. This system is called fractional reserve banking. Most of the deposited cash money is used by private banks to finance their investments on financial markets.

The small remaining fraction of cash money that private banks do actually hold is used as collateral for loans that people and companies get from private banks, when you want to buy a car or when you want to expand your business, for instance. Obviously, the full amount that someone or a company borrows from a private bank is not available in cash money. The amount that is not secured by that fraction of cash money is created out of thin air by private banks. This remaining amount is digital money, digital euros. It does not really exist in tangible money.

Effectively, a “digital euro” already exists and is the dominant “euro” in the economies of the EU member states. There is no need to create a new “digital euro”, it’s already there for more than 20 years.


What the ECB’s “Digital Euro” REALLY is…

The “digital euro” that the ECB wants to create is what BlackRock calls “going direct” money. That is digital money created by the ECB, out of thin air, and deposited directly into the accounts of citizens and companies, whenever there is a financial crash or a (global) pandemic.

The reason why the ECB wants to create this so-called new “digital euro” is because it wants to bypass the democratic processes of government. The ECB wants to bypass (and eventually eliminate) the power that people have over their national governments and the budgets of their national treasuries.

This “digital euro” plan by the ECB is based on an August 2019 report from BlackRock and other communication from and with BlackRock. Effectively, BlackRock is now deciding the monetary policies that the ECB imposes on the EU bloc. BlackRock is known as the “largest shadow bank in the world“. The people of Europe currently do not have the power to stop BlackRock because the ECB is colluding with BlackRock.

That is why WE MUST ALL STAND TOGETHER AND REJECT the ECB’s new “digital euro”.


‘Free’ Money with Strings Attached to it is NOT Free Money…

The ECB claims that it wants to help people and companies in times of crisis and pandemics, which is why, in reality, it wants to create a new “digital euro” (CBDC or CBDE).

Of course, the ECB will not just hand out money for free, it comes with conditions that need to be fulfilled.

As a citizen of an EU member state, in order to receive the ECB’s new “digital euro” you will have to get vaccinated against (coronavirus) diseases, starting with a COVID-19 vaccination. You will also be required to download and install tracking software on your mobile phone. This will enable the ECB and the EU to create a profile and database about you where all your interactions with people, your traveling, your purchases, your communication and your internet browsing history will be stored permanently. Completely destroying the little privacy you still have today.

As a company owner, in order to get financial support from the ECB, new “digital euros”, you will be required to monitor your employees and yourself. You will have to force your employees to get vaccinated against (coronavirus) diseases, you will have to force your employees to have their mobile phones switched on while at work so the ECB/EU tracking systems can register your employees their interactions and behavior. If you don’t do this as a company owner you will not receive any support from the ECB and, during a next crisis or ‘pandemic’, you may simply go bankrupt. Just like it is the case for millions of people during the 2019-2020 ‘pandemic’.


The Great Reset

People who think that there’s nothing wrong with this ‘free’ money (which it is not) don’t get the full picture.

The United Nations, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the ECB, the US Federal Reserve and the 1,000 leading companies in the world (which are all WEF members) are currently rolling out what is referred to as “the Great Reset”, or the 4th industrial revolution.

Once this “reset” has been fully accomplished there will be much fewer private banks and the ones that do remain will be fully incorporated into the control grid systems that the above entities are now rolling out.

This means that your local bank, should it survive this crisis and a next one, will have to confirm whether or not you have been vaccinated ‘properly’ and are complying with all the other conditions that these entities impose on the world.

It also means that once the “reset” has been completed, you will not be able to find any official job unless you comply with the above mentioned conditions.

For children who go to school these conditions will also apply. No vaccination, no certified tracking software on their mobile phones will mean no education at any public or private school. In addition, also the children their parents will have to comply with those mentioned conditions.


Resist Instead of “Reset”…

When you value your sanity, your self-determination, your privacy, your rights and your liberties then you MUST resist and reject the ECB’s new “digital euro”.


That is why we ask your support with this campaign, SAY NO TO A DIGITAL EURO!

Starting October 12, 2020 the ECB will hold ‘public consultations‘ about their new “digital euro”. We want YOU TOO to be directly involved in these ‘consultations’.

You have the right to speak, the right to stand up and the right to decide your own life’s course. No one else should have the unlimited power to control your life and your children’s future.

When these ‘public consultations’ start we will inform you about it on this website. We will also keep you updated about any related developments.

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What You Can Already Do Now, Before October 12, 2020

Although these ‘public consultations’ have not started yet, you can already send your protest messages to the ECB.

To let the ECB know that you do not want their new “digital euro”, send your protest messages to:

  • DigitalEuro@ecb.europa.eu

You may use the content of this campaign page (in full or partially) to write your protest messages. Let the ECB know that the people of Europe say NO to a new “digital euro”!

Or copy/paste this message in your protest email that you will send to the ECB:

To the ECB,

I reject your proposed and so-called new “digital euro” because I have been properly informed about what it actually is that the ECB wants to achieve with it.

There is no need to create a new “digital euro” since most of the euros in circulation today are already digital. These digital euros are created out of thin air by the ECB whenever it creates new account balances for private banks that have an account at the ECB, for the purpose of loans and bailouts.

I reject your new “digital euro” because it will force me to give up the little privacy and the few rights I currently still enjoy.

I also refuse to participate in the “Great Reset” and the 4th industrial revolution because as it seems today only a handful of bankers will eventually decide the course of my life and the future of Europe’s children. I will not participate in such undemocratic and dystopian schemes.

[Your name or moniker]


Spread the Word, Share this Campaign!

There are literally millions of people in Europe who oppose the ECB’s new “digital euro”, the “Great Reset” and the buildup of a prison planet.

Let them know that we are standing with them in this historic battle. Only by combining our efforts, by joining hearts and minds will  we be able to bring an end to this tyranny in Europe and the rest of the world.


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